Love Having You Around (Late Nite Tuff Guy Rework) - First Choice

from the single The Late Nite Tuff Guy Salsoul Reworks (2018)

Love Having You Around is a song written by Stevie Wonder.  It is the first track on Music Of My Mind, the 1972 album where Stevie pivoted away from his teenage and Motown era to become a mature master of rhythm & blues, soul, funk, and pop.  That this record was made by a twenty-one year old is nothing short of phenomenal.

Although the song most people remember from that album in Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You), it is Love Having You Around that kicked off the record and introduced the world to grown-up Stevie.  With the scores of iconic songs to follow, Love Having You Around became related to deep cut status.

In 1977, the female vocal trio First Choice released a dance rendition of the song.  This brought the tune back to life, filling early disco dance floors with the mighty groove.  Despite being a cover, you can hear Stevie dripping from every measure.

Fast forward forty-one years, and a remixed version of the First Choice record has been released by The Late Nite Tuff Guy.  It is amped up and modern; perfect for today's dance scene.  I dig the extended intro with its pumped up bass groove that slowly introduce Stevie's vibes and tones, all leading into the First Choice vocals.

I love that this song finds itself relevant in 2018.

Check it out.

Click Here to listen to The Late Nite Tuff Guys rework of Love Having You Around by First Choice.

Click Here to listen to First Choice's 1977 cover of Love Having You Around.

Click Here to listen to the original version of Love Having You Around by Stevie Wonder.