Reprise De Fonk - Art Of Tones

from the EP Where The One Is (2018)

Art Of Tones is the stage name of Ludovich Llorca, an amazingly talented DJ and producer specializing in House.  He is a Parisian, currently based in NYC.  I have recently been digging his tune Reprise De Fonk.

In the wee hours of this morning, I decided to take a four-mile walk along the Las Vegas Strip.  Headphones on, Art Of Tones made the perfect companion for the walk.  The groove put a bounce in my step and the vibe was perfectly suited for all the bright lights, as they waned in the pre-dawn indigo.

My mind was focused on the future.  In particular, I wondered if I had finally returned to that proverbial fork in the road; that exact spot where I've stood twice before.  That moment of truth where I needed to decide whether to follow my head or follow my heart.

The last two times, I chose my head.  However, this time, experience tells me that following my head will lead me right back to where I currently stand and that to, once again, deny my heart might cast it adrift forever.

This is not a choice between women, but rather a decision between my pragmatic, professional life and the pursuit of my artistic endeavors.

I have asked a few accomplished artists about their decision to make an absolute commitment to art.  Their composite response is that there really was never a choice.  Yet, for me, there always has been.  Does that mean that I lack the passion and focus to be an artist?  Or, does it simply mean that I have been fortunate - or cursed - enough to have multiple options?

Either way, I am standing alone on the Las Vegas strip at sunrise, contemplating a fork in the road, and listening to an excellent song called Reprise De Fonk.

Click Here to listen to Reprise De Fonk by Art Of Tones.