Sugar & Spice - Hatchie

from the EP Sugar & Spice (2018)

Big, lush dream pop from Brisbane, Australia.

Hatchie, whose real name is Hariette Pilbeam, breaks thru on her debut EP with an incredible mixture of talent, pop sensibility, and the ability to overlay tracks to create a massive vibe.  Move over Phil Spector, this is a really big sound.

I am enamored with the way each layer adds to the overall vibe.  Adding this many vocal and instrumental layers without having everything turn to mud is a very tricky proposition.

I also enjoy two of the central lyrics of the song: "no, you don't call me baby anymore" and "we could outlast it all."  Hopeful.  Positive.  Upbeat.  I am smitten.

As a guilty pleasure, play this super loud on your car stereo, while speeding along the highway and singing your heart out.

Click Here to watch the official music video for Sugar & Space by Hatchie.