Tenderness - Parquet Courts

from the album Wide Awake! (2018)

One of my absolute favorite tunes of 2018 (thus far) in Tenderness by Parquet Courts.  For the past many months, I have been increasingly-less-patient in waiting for the song to appear on the Internet so that I can share it with my dear readers.

Unfortunately, that has not happened.  Apparently, Parquet Courts has a deep-seated distaste for social media and avoid having much of a presence.  As a result, the song does not exist on YouTube, BandCamp, SoundCloud, or even the record label's website.

That sucks.

I have found a solution.  Tomorrow, I will be releasing Episode 5 of my Pink Squirrel mixtape series. Included in the mix will be this outstanding tune.

As you listen to the song, listen to just how tight the band is.  Practice makes perfect.  Groups that put in the time are rewarded by gelling together into a cohesive unit that can't help but sound better than others, even those with greater talent.

As I listen to Tenderness by Brooklyn's Parquet Courts, I am amazed by how tight this band is.  Every instrument in lock step, the sound unified.  They know what each other is going to play and what they need to do to enhance the sound.  The groove is perfect, although it is not a vibe that the band typically plays.

Too bad they do not embrace social media.

However, the song DOES appear in Episode 5 of my Pink Squirrel mixtape series!