Gimme Some More - Art Of Tones

from the single Gimme Some Love (2018)

There once was an expert pasta maker, named Al Bente, who had a passion for elbow macaroni.  He loved its size and shape, the way it could be readily managed with a fork, the way that meat and cheese would cling to its corner.  For Al Bente, there was no other noodle.

Needless to say, his family ate very well.  However, his children endlessly bellyached for burgers, and such, while his wife berated him over the family's modest income.  "Why can't you make linguine or penne," she would screech.  "That is what people eat!  How are we supposed to survive?"

"But honey," he would reply, "I make many types of pasta.  Some noodles are longer, others thicker, and some are gluten-free."

As the years wore on, his wife became ever-more estranged.  His children grew up, and, despite his desire for the family business to endure, showed no interest in learning the art of pasta making.

Then one day Al Bente died.

In the years that followed, the subject at family gatherings always turned to Al Bente's pasta, how incredibly tasty it was, and how they longed to taste it, just one last time.

But the fuckers never will.  They never embraced the man or his passion.  They only made him feel inferior and inadequate.  And, no matter how long they live, they will never taste such perfect pasta again.

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  1. That's a spicy meat-a-ball!! (I can say that 'cause I'm eye-talian so coming from me, it's not racist). Groove on, Gigolo!

    1. Glad you appreciated the spice, Mr. Beans.

      I have been playing a bunch with the concept of the "very short story" - largely inspired by our friend Seth - and have become amazed at just how much you can fit between the lines!


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