Keeping Time - Angie McMahon

from the single Keeping Time (2018)

Angie McMahon is a singer-songwriter from Melbourne, Australia.  As such, you might expect her to be cut from the same cloth as all the other Aussie chicks I have written about over the past six years.  However, she is different.

Angie McMahon has a rock sensibility that most longer-songwriters I come across lack.

Her latest single - Keeping Time - has the low-fi feel of a demo cut.  You hear it in the dull thud of the drum beat and the muted boom of the bass.  Yet, when her vocals enter, you can't help but lean forward and listen.

The same is true for her arrangements.  A rock sensibility: yes; but also a craftsmanship in the songwriting that is quite appealing.  Every progression resolves itself in a way that makes you go "hmm".

I do not know what lies in store for this 23 year old (maybe 24?), but two things are for certain:  I will be rooting for her and I will be keeping an eye out for her next record.

Click Here to listen to Keeping Time by Angie McMahon.