Leap Of Faith - The Interrupters

from the album Fight The Good Fight (2018)

There once was a baby eagle named Devin.  Of all the hatchlings in the nest, he was the strongest, most stubborn, and most determined.

When his mother would return to the top of the towering pine tree with food, he would squawk the loudest; sometimes, even stepping on the throats of his siblings in order to secure an ample share of the masticated fish parts.

This made Devin bigger and even more strong.

Then came a morning when his mother returned to the nest without any food.  His father perched himself on an adjacent branch, keenly surveying the surrounding environment for predators. A moment later, his mother stuck her beak beneath a sister and flipped her out of the nest.  The horror!

As this continued with other siblings, Devin burrowed into the sticks and branches.  Ultimately, it was just he and his mother.  As she tried to pry him loose, he tightened his talons and would not let go.  His mother continued to try, but Devin was too strong.

Eventually, mother and father flew off.

Devin sat alone in the nest awaiting their return.  Days turned to weeks.  Devin grew hungry, then weak.  His squawks grew dim.

Then one dusk, Devin perched himself on the edge of the nest.  From here, he watched other eagles fly high in the sky above.  Sometimes, they would dive-bomb towards the lake below; stopping just short of the surface, throwing out their talons, and capturing a fish.

All Devin needed was a leap of faith.

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