Like Sugar - Chaka Kahn

from the single Like Sugar (2018)

Today was a strange day.

The strangeness actually started the evening before.  I was up on a newly opened rooftop bar, scouting locations for my birthday bash, when I made the grave mistake of checking my work email.

Stupid, I know...

Much to my surprise, my credentials failed and I could not receive email.  I then checked the various other corporate systems.  None worked.

Before too long, paranoia got the best of me and I reached the conclusion that I would be fired the next morning.  I texted my boss with no reply.  My night was ruined.

In the morning, I dreaded going into the office.  I drank espressos and got showered, all the while role-playing a series of imaginary conversations.  By the time I began my 90-minute commute, i was a teenage zombie.

I put on a playlist of songs I'm considering writing about.  First song up: Like Sugar by Chaka Kahn. Sweet perfection.  Loose yourself in the groove, the beat.

Once traffic cleared, I sped towards Bumfuck with the stereo as loud as imaginable.  I played it over and over, and over again.  It saved me.

I ultimately have lived to fight another day...

Fast forward towards 10pm, I am hanging out with a fun crowd, dancing in a friend's living room to Todd Rundgren tunes.  They never sounded so good.

I listened to a new Chaka Kahn today, and it made all the difference.

Click Here to watch the official music video for Like Sugar by Chaka Kahn.