Feel Good - Maribou State

from the album Kingdoms In Colour (2018)

Have you noticed that this decade has not produced any new musical movements?  In mean, in the 1970s we were introduced to punk, disco, and rap.  In the 2010s, not so much.

Another difference is that you don't hear much differentiation in the developed world's music based on geography.  In the 1970s, London bands sounded different than New York bands;Los Angeles bands sounded different than California bands.  Today, I can't really tell if a band is from Brooklyn or Australia.

Music is becoming more of a global blend.  Genres and geographies are melting away, being replaced by grooves and vibes.  New music is increasingly new intersections in older music.  This is bad news for innovation, but the good news is that there are infinite combinations.

Maribou State is an electronic duo from London who embrace this development; offering global samples and stylings in their music.  On their new song, Feel Good, they collaborate with Texas funksters, Khruangbin, to create a song representative of the direction of music in the late 2010s.

A sleek lounge vibe and subliminal groove are the unifying threads for tribal beats, indian chanting, african woodwinds, and a host of other sonic variations.  There is even an element of surf rock.

It is this interweaving of diverse musical elements that will ultimately define our times.  It is music for the information age.  It leverages the democratization of recording technology and the global community enabled by the internet.

Listen to how far we have come...

Click Here to listen to Feel Good by Maribou State.


  1. Awesome observation, in that the edge that musician's used to push has become a predefined, putrid, and pathetic echo of originality. Where are the punks, the talking heads of the modern world. Did the talent dry up, I sure hope not, but has the business machine of the recording industry squashed talent solely just to output streaming background at cost - an put that out to the masses as creative product?

    1. I think it will ultimately work itself out. We live in a world of infinite combinations. All the technology makes those combinations easier. Business will eventually figure out how to adapt (or die).


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