Nothing I Can Say - Tony Molina

from the album Kill the Lights (2018)

One of the fascinating outcomes of all the whiz-bang technology we are immersed in is its impact on song length.

Only a decade ago, the idea of a "radio-friendly" song abounded.  Ideally, a song would be three minutes long, fitting perfectly into commercial formats.  But today, with most people consuming their music via alternative channels, it is increasingly common to hear an eight-minute electronica track, or to purchase an extended remix (allowing you to get more music for your $1.29) than to find a three-minute song.

Sadly, I have always thought of this in terms of longer songs.  That is, until I started listening to Tony Molina.  On his new album - Kill The Lights - eight of ten songs are less than two minutes long, with the majority clocking in at under eighty-seconds.

I particularly dig the opening track: Nothing I Can Say.  At one-minute-eleven-seconds, this is still a complete song.  There is a verse, a chorus, and an instrumental break.  It is cohesive and full of descending chord progressions and beautiful harmonies, reminiscent of The Byrds.

But it is over in the blink of an eye.

Yet I am finding that, in the context of the full album, the song length becomes inconsequential.  In fact, you get quite used to the cadence; resulting in songs of a more traditional length seeming bloated and redundant.

Perhaps in the larger picture of technology, our culture is becoming more aligned with micro immersions of song?

Regardless, check this tune out.  Admire it for its beauty, and ponder its brevity.

Click Here to listen to Nothing I Can Say by Tony Molina.