Plastic Skeletons - Jealous Of The Birds

from the album The Moths Of What I Want To Eat Me In My Sleep (2018)

Naomi Hamilton is a splendid singer and songwriter from Belfast, Northern Ireland.  I admire her, not just for the sound she creates, but for the way that her visual imagery can take on a philosophical and spiritual nature.

Add to that her process.  On her new five song EP - The Moths Of What I Want To Eat In My Sleep - four of the songs are new versions of songs she released on her 2016 album Parma Violets.  These versions contain subtle changes that, in my opinion, make the songs more listenable and better connecting with her audience.

Naomi Hamilton is actually applying an agile development methodology towards making and releasing music.  This process of defining a minimal viable product and then continually reiterating until you reach your destination is a central pillar of software development and is used on all theirs and gadgets that define our times.

I am not sure if she is aware that this is what she is doing, but either way I'm impressed.

Plastic Skeletons is the only "new song" on the EP.  The song offers a Joycean recollection of images jotted in a notebook during Naomi Hamilton's first trip to America, which was to tour some US cites and play at SXSW in 2016.  Dancing fire ants mix with geckos, skylines, and margaritas in a most appealing manner.

This imagery is laid over a psychedelic soundscape and a tight beat.

Take the time to check out Jealous Of The Birds.

Click Here to watch the official video for Plastic Skeleton by Jealous Of The Birds.