Serano - Gilberto Gil

from the album OK OK OK (2018)

Many moons ago, I was on a six week work assignment in Brasília.  It proved to be a most enchanting adventure; filled with joyous people, the architecture of Oscar Niemeyer, and the incredible sounds of Brazilian music.

At the time, I was deep into an exploration of Bossa Nova and could not get enough of the late night jazz clubs filled with beautiful women and the compositions of Jobim.  I was a fascination for local patrons, an american with a deep knowledge and love for their musical heritage.  It led to people buying me lots of drinks, inviting me to parties, and even a night when I was invited on stage to play bass guitar.

I also sought out music that was, at the time, unknown to me.  Friendly people turned me on to magnificent artists, like Ed Motta and Gilberto Gil.  I ultimately flew home with a treasure trove of their compact discs.

In the years that followed, the Gilberto Gil albums became a staple for late nights when I would be drinking wine and seeking a little zen.

I particularly remember one troubled night in Miles City, Montana, when - after bailing a coworker out of jail - I drove alone to a wide open space along the Yellowstone River, starred at the stars, and listened to Gilberto Gil.

It reminded me of all the simple beauty in our world.  A pretty guitar, a sweet voice, the big sky.

As I listen to his new album, the song Serano takes me back to times of tender memories and zen.  aah.

Click Here to listen to Serano by Gilberto Gil.