Station - Bainbridge & Co.

from the single Station (2018)

A few years ago, I was bouncing around London and staying with my friends Mary and Gareth.  One night, we were sitting in their kitchen, eating Indian food, and telling fun stories.  In the basement, their teenage kids - Martha and Sid - were making music.

At some point, they were playing Come As You Are by Nirvana, when Gareth suggested that I play bass with them.  He busted out his trusty, old Guild and into the basement I went.  I think I taught them how to play Blister In The Sun?  It was more fun then you could imagine.

Later that night, I thought "One day, I'll be able to say I played with Martha and Sid."

Well, that day is today!!!  Martha and Sid are in a band named Bainbridge & Co. and have released their first song, Station.

I am so excited for them and wish them all the luck in the world.  Check it out !!!

Click Here to listen to Station by Bainbridge & Co.


  1. I remember when.... It is always a good thing to have associations with greatness. Who's lives you have touched, and those who have touched you. We all live together, and everything is connected, and you continually point out 40 Watt, it's the music that makes us all better. I just hope to one day I read that this English troupe pays homage to the friend of their Dad's that had the smoking bass riffs.

    1. The connectedness of everything is amazing. The other night at rehearsal, our PA head blew a fuse. Someone broke out an old Peavey head to replace it. We then learned that it was once Michael Stipe's head in the early REM days. The tubes were fairly gassed, but I'm sure there is some good juju in there somewhere.

  2. I really like this song! Wonder why they didn’t just call themselves Martha and Sid - those are good names.

    1. I wish they had! Perhaps they didn't want to upstage the other blokes?


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