Guerra En The Tierra - Los Pilotos

from the single Guerra En The Tierra (2018)

So, in this band I am putting together, one of the next objectives is to create a musical "group think" within the group.

This is not as easy as you might think.  We are four people with strong opinions on music and musical styles.  It is a formula for friction.

To overcome this, I am taking a lesson out of the art school playbook.  An artist friend of mine explained to me that one of her teachers encouraged her to identify a "master" whose style she would most like to emulate.  She was then asked to do the same for a current/emerging artist.  The professor explained that if she evoked these artists in her work, that her own style would emerge and that it would be grounded in a well-considered foundation.

In that spirit, I have asked my bandmates to identify the classic and current bands they would most like our outfit evoke.  We will be meeting in a bar to discuss sometime later this month.

My "classic" sound is rooted in NYC.  It has roots in the Velvet Underground and includes all the fruits that that sound inspired.  Bands like The Modern Lovers, Violent Femmes, Patti Smith, Television.  You get the picture.

For "current" bands, I am pouring through my archives trying to uncover "that sound."  Funny, it seems to lie in the NYC bands from the early 2000s.  I guess NYC is in my blood.

In 2018, I am digging the sound of the record Guerra En The Tierra by Los Pilotos.  The music is rooted in a groove, which I feel is essential to a modern sound.  Listen to the bass line.  Listen to the soundscape created by the guitar work.  The arrangement, with its break down, is technically a dance arrangement - despite the alternative vibe.

Could this be the current sound I am looking for?

Click Here to listen to Guerra En The Tierra by Los Pilotos.