Lonesome Love - Mitski

from the album Be The Cowboy (2018)

Lately, The Doors song Summer's Almost Gone has been creeping around my brain.  It seems logical in both a literal and figurative sense.

As this summer began, I made a conscious effort to shift my efforts and energies from my technical profession towards my creative impulses.  The rationale was simple: follow your passion, what are you waiting for?

This started with music.  At the start of this millennium, I hit the pause button on a musical journey with the belief that I would reembrace it "in four or five years."  It was the worst type of lie, the lie we tell ourselves.

I began playing with local musicians, while seeking out the players I most wanted to form a band with.  Singer, check.  Guitarist, check.  Drummer, we'll see.  We debut the band in two weeks.  Begin performing live again, check.

This milestone is an opportunity to critically assess the band's sound.  To be honest, I am disappointed.  Our sound listens backwards, not forward.  While we are capturing the essence of great artists like Patti Smith, Chrissie Hynde, and PJ Harvey, we are not synthesizing it into the sound of the 2020s.

The reason is that our collective musical lexicon is locked in the past.  My bandmates do not truly embrace new music, but rather find comfort in the songs and sounds they have accumulated over a lifetime.

I was speaking about this to an artist friend of mine.  She shared the story of an art professor, who encouraged his students to find one artist from the past and one artist from the present to serve as their guideposts; and, then, to find yourself as an artist in a way that draws from the two you selected.  Fascinating.  She showed me how her art draws from both Cezanne and Eric Fischl; yet, amazingly, her style stands out as completely her own.

If I apply that to my current dilemma, who are the current artists that would serve as current guidepost?  I do not know the answer, but I am searching.

When I listen to the song Lonesome Love by Mitski, I am struck by the song's analog warmth and the craft in the songwriting.  I adore the line "Why am I lonely for lonesome love?"  The song has a sense of classic and also a sense of modernity.  I really enjoy listening to this tune.

Does Mitski have guideposts?  Who might they be?

Which brings me back to The Doors.  Summer's almost gone, if you let it be.  If you look towards the future, while incorporating the lessons of your past, I believe that your summer can be endless.

Click Here to listen to Lonesome Love by Mitski.