Moonlight - Disclosure

from the single Moonlight (2018)

Alcohol and I have had an ongoing relationship since my adolescence.  In the early days, it was about  extreme consumption and getting wild.  Then, around the time domestication kicked in, I found my self casually drinking wine and reveling in that mellow glow.

More recently, I seem to seek out the perfect cocktail.  It is something to be savored; the reward for all that hard work that we gigolos excel in, day after day.

And, as a reward, it is about the quality and the experience.  The right mixture of the right ingredients, served in the right glass in the right setting with the right presentation.  A bartender who can deliver my reward becomes a friend for life; the pimple-faced nephew who thinks he knows the perfect manhattan better than I, not so much.

One of my favorite settings is the lobby bar in a hip, big city hotel.  I love to lean back in a comfortable chair, smell the cocktail, and let the drink slowly trickle down my throat.

Having the right mix of music playing can certainly enhance the reward.  Something electronic, a little clubby, with a not-necessarily-understated groove.

Moonlight by Disclosure is a song that I can easy listen to in these moments.

Fix yourself the perfect cocktail, kick back, and enjoy!

Click Here to listen to Moonlight by Disclosure.