Quebra Cabeça - Bixiga 70

from the album Quebra Cabeça (2018)

My friend Gerry is a process server in NYC.  Each day, he drives around the city, knocking on doors, and giving people unwanted news.  Some people try to avoid Gerry, others cry, yell at him, and occasionally get violent.  It is a curious way to make a living.

Yet, Gerry loves his job.  He has no office, no schedule, no boss.  He meets with attorneys who give him the papers and off he goes.

One of the things that Gerry loves most about his job is that it affords him the opportunity to drive through every nook and cranny of the city while listening to music.  He crafts his musical selections to serve as a soundtrack for cruising NYC.

Gerry argues that his favorite artist to listen to is the 70s Nigerian acrobat pioneer Fela Kuti. No doubt he is right.  I imagine Gerry slow rolling down Atlantic Avenue in his beat-up Corolla, sunglasses on, and Fela cranking out the windows.  I'd go along for that ride.

I can't wait to introduce Gerry to the song Quebra Cabeça by Bixiga 70.  This band from Sao Paulo, Brazil captures the essence of Fela with its expansive size and layered arrangements.  However, it also adds a sense of Brazilian music, making it a bit less African and more South American.  I particularly dig the muscular horns, tight rhythms, and abrasive guitar tones.

This is good process serving music.

Click Here to watch the official video for Quebra Cabeça by Bixiga 70.