Young At Heart - Willie Nelson

from the album My Way (2018)

Once upon a time, there was a young man who immersed himself in many passions.  This included the party life, women, and traveling to exotic parts of the world.  Still he wanted more; fancying himself as both a successful musician and a dot-com millionaire.

He fervently pursued both ambitions with zeal and vigor.  He joined a band of cracker-jack musicians, winning awards and having his songs played on the radio.  He also started a technology company, earning the business of some of the world's most recognized brands.

As each of these endeavors prospered, they increasingly demanded more - and more - of his time.  Sometimes, he found himself devoting over ninety hour a weeks to these dual quests.

Something had to give.

His decision felt rational.  He would put aside the music career to focus on his seemingly more attainable goals in the business world.  He felt confident that he was on a path the make enough money - over a four, or five, year run - to then allow him to return to music, without distraction.

A few years later, the dot-com bubble burst and he was left in financial ruin.  His life had also evolved, with many people now depending on him.  A responsible man, he forged on; hellbent on providing a better life for the people he loved.

Over time, he succeeded, more or less.

That brings us to today.  It has been roughly seventeen years since he made that fateful decision.  Only once has he performed publicly again; joining an old bandmate on stage for a rendition of a song fittingly titled, The Weight.

Tomorrow, he will be performing live with his new band at a modest gig, where he is on the bottom of the bill.  And, though it may not seem like much, for him, it is a crowning achievement.

I wish him well.

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