Pink Squirrel - Episode 8

Throughout the first half of this decade, I was regularly in NYC, where my benefactor conducted business in a tall glass and steel building a few blocks south of Central Park.  I loved that I could get tuna on a roll anytime, day or night.  I also loved that my hotel was only a few hundred yards from MOMA.

I never failed to visit.

Over the past year, I have obsessed with an exhibition of Henri Matisse's Cut Outs that I attended.  The color, the contrast, the life-force in the composition.  It was beyond magnificent.

Yet the thing that has captivated me most about the show was that this was how Matisse chose to spend the final years of his life; making art with paper and scissors, when his body could no longer sustain canvas and paint.

I also think about the many other artists - painters, writers, and musicians - who did not produce art while they aged.  How could so many stop?

I've concluded that it was rarely a conscious decision.  I believe that they temporarily put it aside, to focus elsewhere for a while, with the knowledge that they would, some day, return.  Sad.

This episode of Pink Squirrel celebrates artists who are still producing music in their later years.  Artists like Paul McCartney, Boz Scaggs, Paul Weller, Tony Joe White, Wolfman Washington, the late Charles Bradley, and Tinsley Ellis.  Each has released truly incredible music in 2018.

This mix also celebrates some of the timeless songs - originally written and recorded by artists like Robert Johnson, John Lee Hooker, Neil Young, and Teddy Pendergrass - that discovered new life this year.

Lastly, this mix celebrates newer artists, like Ashley Monroe and Fraser A. Gorman, who have released brilliant music at this early stage of their (hopefully long) careers.

I urge you to indulge in your favorite elixir, sit at a large computer screen, and lose yourself in Matisse's Cut Outs while listening to this mix; particularly the song Let's Dance by Spiritualized.

May it inspire you to pursue your passions until your final days.  Like Matisse.

Here is the playlist:

I Don't Know by Paul McCartney

Let's Dance by Spiritualize

On The Beach by Boz Scaggs

Hands On You by Ashley Monroe

Ride by Lenny Kravitz

Walking To Oman's by Fraser A. Gorman

What Would He Say? by Paul Weller

Boom Boom by Tony Joe White

A Little Dive Bar In Dahlonega by Ashley McBryde

Even Now by Walter "Wolfman" Washington

I Feel A Change by Charles Bradley

I've Been Loving You Too Long by Michele Malone

Saving Grace by Tinsley Ellis

Love In Vain by Honeyfeet

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