Sing To Me Candy - Papercuts

from the album Parallel Universe Blues (2018)

In recent months, I have focused hours of each day honing my songwriting chops.  It is part of a larger picture, where I am writing and performing in a band again.  Yippie!

Sadly, along the way, a had a crisis of sorts; my songs failed to resonate.  I could not understand why.  The structure, the lyrics, the hooks, the melodies; they all seemed so spot on to me.  Yet, when I played them for others, all I got were phony grins.

At first, I blamed them.  They are mutant zombie bastards, after all.  Don't they know a well constructed song when they hear it?

I was starting to come undone.  Then I asked myself, what could I do differently to change the outcome?  I made a list of potential reasons and began conducting a series of tiny little tests.

I concluded that my songwriting style is a little too Nick Lowe for the post-punk, dreamy, slow core crowd that I'm running with.  If I want to sell in this market, I need to adapt.

So, I took an old song of mine, about a girl who moved to California, and reworked the hell out of it.  New verses, new arrangement, new vibe.  Yet the chords, the chorus, and the jist remained intact.  Then I played with tone.  Echo the guitar track.  Skinny the bass.  Chop up the beat.

Time will tell, but I think it worked.

So, this experience has driven my obsessions deep into the structure of current music with a 90s-sounding, alternative feel.  I need to unlock the code.

Sing To Me Candy is a brand new song from Papercuts that I have quickly become enamored with. I can't help but think the title is meant to evoke The Jesus And Mary Chain.  That is a good thing.

I am particularly drawn to the drumming; the effect that the ride cymbal give to bass guitars pulsing eighth-note patterns.

I am also drawn to the way the melody line slowly winds through the song, like a flowing arabesque.

There is so much nuanced perfection in this song.  I can't stop listening.

I hope that some day soon I will be writing songs of this genre that resonate like Sing To Me Candy.

Click Here to watch the official music video for Song To Me Candy by Papercuts.