Got To Go Where The Love Is - Van Morrison

from the album The Prophet Speaks (2018)

Have you ever wondered why there is no act in the musicsphere that sounds quite like Van Morrison?

I've been dissecting his new song Got To Go Where The Love Is, trying to figure out what makes it tick.

The song opens with an upright bass plucking out a groove, followed by the horn section with its four-note hook.  I am only nine seconds into the song and I know it is Van Morrison; and he hasn't even sang yet!  Is it tone, is it vibe?

Once the vocals enter, there is no mistaking the magnificence of that voice; even at seventy-three.

Then there are the bright keys, the jazzy guitar break, and the confident-yet-tasty drumming.  All are signatures of a master of musical arrangement and excellence.

You might be able to assemble some great musicians, find an extraordinary vocalist, and lay down music in this style.  However, it still would not sound quite like Van Morrison.  I believe that has something to do with magic.

Click Here to listen to Got To Go Where The Love Is by Van Morrison.