It Will End Here - Gary Numan

from the EP The Fallen (2018)

Of all the comeback stories in recent music history, there may be none more satisfying than Gary Numan's.  The young man who set the music world on fire, with songs like Cars and Are Friends Electric?, had largely faded away before being "rediscovered" by Nine Inch Nails and introduced to a new and younger audience.

This helped earn him his richly deserved props for being a pioneer of electronic music.  It also set the stage for some great new music.

I caught him in concert earlier this year.  It was one of the best shows of my year.  If you ever have the opportunity, check him out live...

On his latest EP, I am really digging the song It Will End Here.  As I listen to the static and industrial stylings, I imagine myself soaring a hundred feet above the ground through Himalayan valleys and gorges.  The song offers freedom and red in a way that curiously captives me.

I hope you enjoy...

Click Here to listen to It Will End Here by Gary Numan.