Keep It Out - Half Waif

from the album Lavender (2018)

At the beginning of each year, I create a playlist in iTunes and start filling it with new music from that year.

I am continually adding to that list and positioning the songs I dig most towards the top.  When I blog about a song, I give it a four-star rating and move it to a different playlist.  Currently, there are slightly under a hundred songs in the playlist.  I will probably add forty more before the end of the year and publish about as many posts.

Those remaining hundred songs will largely be left behind as my focus shifts to 2019.  That always makes me a little sad; but, hey, there are only so many days in a year.

The song Keep It Out has been sitting towards the top of my playlist for the majority of this year.  Yet, somehow, I had never got around to writing about it.  I suppose that is a testament to all the great new music released in 2018.

I adore this synth-pop tune.  Early on, the space in the music allows you to fully absorb the tones and textures of Nandi Rose Plunkett's voice.  At times, her vocals remind me of Bjork; other times, Sarah McLachlin.

The arrangement then swells, recedes, and crescendos with a subtle mastery of craft.  I also dig the drum track and the role it plays in the composition.

According to my playlist, I have listened to this song 184 times so far this year.  I am surprised the number isn't higher.

Click Here to watch the official video for Keep It Out by Half Waif.