Problem Child - Hen Ogledd

from the album Mogic (2018)

Taking their band name from the the Welsh term for The Old North, specifically a land where the Scottish lowlands meet the north of England, Hen Ogledd are a band whose sound - although modern - conjure sounds of classic rock and roll of yesteryear.

In particular, there is a quality to Richard Dawson's voice that evokes Ozzy and Peter Gabriel,, as well as every American who ever tried to sing in a rock club with a British accent.  I can't get enough of the vocal track on the song Problem Child.

I also dig how tight the band is.  Bass, drums, and guitar in perfect step.  The synthesizers are also notable for the perfection in their tone.

I hope to be able to catch this band live some day.  It would be fun to simply rock out again.

Click Here to watch the official video for Problem Child by Hen Ogledd.