The Truce Of Twilight - The Good, The Bad, & The Queen

from the album Merrie Land (2018)

Earlier this year, Henry Rollins was quoted as saying, "This is not a time to be dismayed, this is punk rock time.  This is what Joe Strummer trained you for."

I think of Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, and - of course - Joe, and reflect on their power as songwriters to align our inner compasses to better live our lives.

I also think about how Bob Dylan continues to do this in his late seventies.  I imagine that the same would be true for Bob Marley and Joe Strummer, had they not died so young.  It is hard to even imagine being able to go to a Bob Marley concert today.  It would be heaven.

On Merrie Land, the latest album by The Good, The Bad, & The Queen, these thoughts are in the center of my mind as I listen to the song The Truce Of Twilight.  The spirit of The Clash - and Joe Strummer - are present in every corner of this song.

Of course, that has everything to do with Paul Simonon's bass track.  He channels his former band in laying down a dub line that instantly transports you back to Sandanista!.  I get chills listening to every note!

Damon Albarn's vocal track also gives me chills.  He leverages the bass vibe to deliver a vocal performance that perfectly channels the meter of a Joe Strummer song.  The arrangement's horns and backing vocals complete the circle.

I bet Joe Strummer would have plenty to say about planet earth in 2018; Brexit, immigrant caravans, the dark side of the information age, liars, despots, lying despots, and so on...

I miss Joe.  This is punk rock time.  He should be here.

Click Here to watch the official music video for The Truce Of Twilight by The Good, The Bad, & The Queen.