Four Out Of Five - Arctic Monkeys

from the album Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino (2018)

The lyrics to the song Four Out Of Five by Arctic Monkeys contain the lines:

I put a taqueria on the roof
It was well reviewed
Four stars out of five

For months now, I have been thinking about those lines.  The taqueria, like any small business, represents a founder's dream.  Their vision of grandeur.  Validation that they matter.  A sense that they are more than just another face in a crowd.

Restraurateurs, like those in the arts, receive their validation in public.  It must be so demoralizing when they receive bad reviews.  Yet, the artist can always create their next piece of art, their masterpiece.  For the small businessperson, the bad review often leads to financial ruin from which they never recover.

For the rest of us, the review often lies in the mirror.  What do you see when you look into that deep, dark, truthful mirror?  Are you satisfied?

And how would you feel if your review received four stars out of five?  Would you be happy?  Would you be content?  Or, would you be disappointed that you did not receive a five star review?

Whichever you chose, would you be happier if you had chosen a different option?

I do not have many answers.  However, I am pretty certain that it is better to think of yourself as an artist rather than as a restauranteur.  It allows you to move on from disappointment and criticism.  It allows you to build a cocoon around your inner hopes and beliefs.  It protects you, sustains you, and allows you to hold on to your optimism.

So, if you are less than satisfied with what you see in the mirror, go to your favorite taqueria, have a few margaritas, and reassure yourself that you are an artist with your masterpiece on the horizon.

I'm headed there now.

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