After All This Time - Michael Chapman

from the forthcoming album True North (2019)

In a world where things seem to exist in increasingly brief increments of time, I find myself drawn closer to people like Michael Chapman.  This English folkster has been releasing an album per year since 1969.  In a few weeks, he will be releasing his fifty-first album.

One of the teaser singles off of this album is a song titled After All This Time, which - at first glance - seemed very appropriate for the day.

The song is as beautifully arranged and performed as any recent folk piece I can recall.  The harmonies, the lead guitar, the petal steel guitar, and Michael Chapman's finely-aged vocals are all magnificent.

The lyrics focus on a long-lasting relationship where the two have grown apart and gone their separate ways.  He sings about this with sadness, lamenting on how the feelings of love have faded away.

Personally, I find the opposite to be true.  When I think that kindred soul in my life, nothing has faded.  After all these years, all these collected memories, I think of us as closer than ever.  Sure, we may travel down seemingly diverging roads, but that connectedness only grows stronger and more meaningful.

And I hope that wherever they are today, they are happy and know that they are loved.

Click Here to listen to After All This Time by Michael Chapman.