Dylan Thomas - Better Oblivion Community Center

from the album Better Oblivion Community Center (2019)

Every once in a while, a song comes along that strikes at the core of your musical sensibilities.  Dylan Thomas by Better Oblivion Community Center is jut that song for me.

Straight-forward, intelligent pub rock that recalls artists like Graham Parker, Elvis Costello, and Squeeze.  What could be better?

The visual imagery is rich, ranging from a corset wearing Phoebe Bridgers climbing into a corvette to Dylan Thomas dying of a seizure on the floor of NYCs White Horse Tavern.  The lyrics also include four dimensional chess, feel cats, and flowers growing from the ruble.  All of this is delivered over no-nonsense chords, with a tantalizing guitar solo shown in the mix.

The final chorus also resonates with me:

I'm getting used to these dizzy spells
I'm taking a shower at the Bates Motel
I'm getting greedy with this private hell
I'll go it alone, but that's just as well

Somehow, this swirl of a song approximates an ambiguous perfection, capturing people navigating their way in these unsettled time.

Click Here to listen to Dylan Thomas by Better Oblivion Community Center.

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