Gallipoli - Beirut

from the forthcoming album Gallipoli (2019)

Last summer, I joined an alternative band as their bass player.  In order to more rapidly define our sound, we began playing cover versions of songs we eased suggested.  All in all, there were about forty of them.

In the process, I found myself leaning away from the harder rocking tunes and embracing songs with a bit more groove in the vibe.  I also found myself board at the concerts my rock friends are always inviting me to.  This began to alienate me from my bandmates and friends.

In addition, late at night when I am studying classic bass lines, I found myself drawn to Motown's James Jamerson and Louis "Thunder Thumb" Johnson of The Brothers Johnson and Michael Jackson fame.  There once was a time when all I studied was John Paul Jones, Jack Bruce, and John Entwistle.

In those days, rockers would have told me that I "wussed out."  But for me, I simply find the groove more interesting, more intoxicating.  It is also more fun to play.

Step forward to today.  The band tolerates (and reluctantly appreciates) my funkiness and we have now evolved into writing original material.  Expectedly, groove plays a central role in my compositions.  However, a newer, perhaps more intoxicating, muse has entered my life: melody.

I have become a sucker for melodic lines.  They are so beautiful.

Gallipoli, a new song by Beirut, is awash with magnificent melody lines from the trumpets, organs, and Zach Condon's near-operatic vocals.  I dig how they serpentine and intertwine.  I also dig of the "bounce" of the beat and how it melds with the groove.

I hope you like it.

Click Here to listen to Gallipoli by Beirut.