He Don't Burn For Me - The Delines

from the album The Imperial (2019)

When I think of soul music, my first instincts take me to a place that is urban and Black.  It is a sensible reaction when you consider all of those iconic singers, like Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, and Curtis Mayfield.  They define soul music.

Personally, I have a thing for Southern Soul.  I've made multiple pilgrimages to Stax Studios in Memphis and to Muscle Shoals, Alabama just to breathe the air.  One is urban, the other is rural.  Yet they are both hallowed ground for pure, spine tingling Soul.  I also think about my favorite band in American music, Booker T. & The MGs.  Two guys were black, two guys were white.

Soul Music is universal.

He Don't Burn For Me is a beautifully composed, arranged, and performed song by the Portland, Oregon alternative country band, The Delines.  It is also a shimmering reminder of the magnificence that exists at the intersection of country music and soul.

This song is timeless.  I close my eyes and can effortlessly hear Etta James, Janice Joplin, or Gladys Knight belting out this sultry burner, backed by the greatest musicians and producers of all-time.

The instrumental performances are perfection.  Listen to the wavering harmonies, the tastefully restrained pedal steel guitar, the tender drumming, and the glorious trumpeting in the song's final third.  I cannot imagine anything finer.

At the center of it all is Amy Boone.  Her vocal performance rings pure and true.  There is a hazy smoke on her tone that makes me quiver.

And did I mention Cory Gray's trumpet track?

Click Here to listen to He Don't Burn For Me by The Delines