Ill Wind - Radiohead

from the single Ill Wind (2019)

Ill Wind is a song that appeared as a B-Side on Radiohead's 2016 album A Moon Shaped Pool.  The song was little circulated and was neither included on the album nor released to any of the music streaming services, until now.

Last week, Ill Wind was released as a single.  It is a fascinating song.  I really dig how the samba vibe underpins the composition, giving it sexiness and a touch of foreign intrigue.  This offers a counterpoint to all the swirling synthesizers and harmonies.  Thom Yorke's falsetto glides beautifully through this soundscape.  It is lovely.

What inspires me about this song is its story.  This song was sitting on somebodies hard drive gathering virtual dust, when somebody said, "Hey, what do you say we release that song, Ill Wind."  They do, and now people, like us, are digging it.

The story makes me want to take some of the ideas and creations that I have on the proverbial shelf and set them free into the world.  Maybe they will make somebody's day a little brighter?  That would be awesome.  What am I waiting for?

I suppose the same might be true for you?  What are you sitting on (besides your butt)?  I challenge you to take your thing - whatever that thing is - and set it free.  When you do, everybody wins.

Click Here to go to Pitchfork where you can stream Ill Will by Radiohead.