It Rains Love - Lee Fields & The Expressions

from the album It Rains Love (2019)

There may be no more beautiful an instrument than the human voice.

A soul singer's voice is perhaps the most precious of all.  The mellifluous range of emotions it can evoke with subtle tonal variations has an unequaled ability to reveal inner truths into the human condition.  It is simply magical.

Lee Fields is a master soul singer.  This is evident on his latest single, It Rains Love, a funky, late night soul jam that shimmers with a mid-seventies lovers vibe.

I am particularly drawn to the song's instrumentation.  Each player is laying down something tasty.  Check out how the horns take you back to the sounds of Dionne Warwick singing the songs of Burt Bacharach and Hal David

Also, isolate on the old school, funky bass solo that ends the song.  Nothing fancy, just bottom and groove.  I dig it!

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