Lonesome Fiddle Blues - Jim Coyle

from the album In Between (2019)

Jim Coyle is a Boston musician who has played guitar, bass, and piano for a wild range of Folk, Irish, and Roots bands over the past few decades.  He is a working musician who also writes and records original music.

On his latest album, In Between, he has included eight of his own songs along with a cover version of a traditional-styled, country instrumental.

Lonesome Fiddle Blues is a song that was written by Vassar Clements, a grammy-award winning musician and songwriter who had the distinction of playing fiddle with Flatt & Scruggs on the TV theme song for The Beverley Hillbillies.  Even more notable are his recordings with Bill Monroe, The Grateful Dead, and a host of others.

The original recording of Lonesome Fiddle Blues appeared on The Nitty Gritty Blues Band's classic 1972 album Will The Circle Be Unbroken.  Dozens of other artists have since recorded this tune.  It has also been suggested that Charlie Daniels "pays homage" to the song in the instrumental melody line to The Devil Went Down To Georgia.

I really dig that we live in a world that includes thoughtful musicians, like Jim Coyle, who introduce new generations of music lovers to grand old songs that deserve to live forever.

I hope that you enjoy this sweet country jam.

Click Here to stream Jim Coyle's cover of Lonesome Fiddle Blues from his website.

Click Here to listen to The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's original recording of Lonesome Fiddle Blues.