VTr - The Twilight Sad

from the album It Won/T Be Like this All The Time (2019)

If you are like me, you are a sucker for a great 80s new music vibe.  The pulsing eighth-note grooves, the steady high-hat beats, the tantalizing attacks and sustains of the keyboards, and the abrasive guitar tones all stir something in my core.

Perhaps better than any current band, The Twilight Sad deliver this vibe.  Yet what makes it even more exciting is how their sound still sounds fresh and modern.

VTr is a song that exemplifies this band.  As you listen, try to pick apart the individual instrumental and vocal performances.  Listen to the production and the attention given to crafting perfect 80s tones.  It is magnificent.

Click Here to listen to VTr by The Twilight Sad.

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