Woman - Karen O & Danger Mouse

from the album Lux Prima (2019)

I really dig Karen O.

For over fifteen years, she has repeatedly produced quality recordings that resonate with listeners while never sounding compromised or gimmicky.  She is perpetually evolving and embracing new outlets for her craft.

I also dig her spirit of collaboration, reaching beyond her day job as lead singer for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to make music with others.  Her version of Led Zeppelin' Immigrant Song, with Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross of Nine Inch Nails, is mindbendingly good; as were her collaboration on Pinky's Dream with David Lynch and Yo! My Saint with Michael Kiwanuka.

She also has produced incredible music for film, dazzling audiences with her 2009 soundtrack to Where The Wild Things Are and her Oscar-nominated contributions to Spike Jones' movie Her.

Her latest collaboration is an album - Lux Prima - with producer Danger Mouse.  One of the songs off of that record - Woman - has quickly become my first favorite song of 2019.  I dig the big, retro bounce of the beat, the mysterioso keyboard tones, the aggressive guitar insets, the descending bass runs, and the dynamics of the breakdown.  Yet, above all, her vocal performance os simply stellar.

Whatever you do in life, you would benefit from being more like Karen O.

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