Crave - Common Ground

from the album Wayward (2019)

Common Ground are a six-piece alternative folk/country band from NYC.  On their debut album, Wayward, I am particularly digging their song Crave - a beautifully-crafted, country waltz that tells a story of ill-fated love set in lower Manhattan.

Met a man in a dimly lit bar down on Avenue A
We talked over whiskey
We talked over beer
And he never took his eyes off of me
Wasn't long till he was in my bed half-asleep
Wasn't long until he was all I want, all I need

The clarity, energy, and emotion in Christina Maida's vocals are exquisite.  The soundscape of bass, acoustic guitar, and drums combined with violin and mandolin effortlessly form ebbs and flows that rise and fall with the vocals, complete with glorious crescendos accented by full-throated harmonies.

I crave him
Oh, I crave him
The way he craves Marlboro Reds

What a perfect lyric for capturing unreciprocated desire.  In this one simple stanza, the listener comes to know - and feel - the singer's emptiness and heartache.   It is magnificent.

I hope to this band plays a show in my neck of the woods.  You'll find me front and center.

Click Here to listen to Crave by Common Ground.