Different Kind Of Love - Adia Victoria

from the album Silences (2019)

I really dig the way that Nashville artists and producers continue to expand their horizons beyond country music.  I am not sure when it all started, certainly The Black Keys fit into the equation, but, today, when I approach a "Nashville" album, I am not entirely surprised when it something other than country, americana, or bluegrass.

Adia Victoria is a thirty-two year old woman from Nashville.  Her style of music is often described as "gothic blues" or "afro-punk."  Rolling Stone referred to her as "PJ Harvey covering Loretta Lynn at a debutante ball."  I do not really know what any of that means, except that she has an original and intriguing vibe.

Different Kind Of Love is a song with a great retro beat and groove.  It is timeless, with the drums and bass driving the tune.  The guitar tone is perfectly suited for the vibe and the crunchy, distorted saxophone track really stand out.

And the there are the vocals.  I dig how Adia Victoria seems to channel Peggy Lee in some moments and Lena Lovitch in others.  Her voice is smooth and seductive.  It is a pleasure to listen to her.

I urge you to listen to this song.  If you like it, the rest of her catalogue awaits you.

Click Here to watch the official music video for Different Kind Of Love by Adia Victoria