Don't Know How To Keep Loving You - Julia Jacklin

from the album Crushing (2019)

On her new album, Crushing, Australian singer-songwriter Julia Jacklin offers tender and thoughtful reflection on getting by in the weeks, and months, following a breakup.  The music is downtempo, honest, and magnificently arranged.  In unveiling her self, she allows the listeners to hold a mirror to themselves, revealing truths they may not have previously explored.

My favorite tune on record is Don't Know How To Keep Loving You, a break-up song about a relationship that ends in ice, rather than fire.  Unlike most songs about this topic, nobody does the other one wrong in some grand and dramatic fashion.  Instead, the singer's feelings for her partner simply wither and fade away.

And every gift you buy me, I know what's inside
What do I do now?
There's nothing left to find

This song is sad and desolate.  And, if you have ever been there, you know just what she is talking about.

Not many artists can write a song that captures the numbing ache of the resigned void resulting from the loss of love like Julia Jacklin.

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