Failure - Frances Cone

from the album Late Riser (2019)

Frances Cone started out as an indie band from Brooklyn, until their principles - Christina Cone and Andrew Doherty - relocated to Nashville.

Their music is rooted in an indie-alternative sensibility, with pulsing bass lines, driving drum beats, and crunchy guitar tones.  However, there are other tones that run their music that make them a bit more unique, many of them coming from Christina Cone's magnificent vocals, which run the game between hushed alternative folk to soaring ethereal riffing.

Off their latest album, I've been digging the song Failure.  I love how the simple bass groove and beat propels the song through a wash of sonic ambiguity.  It forms a cool vibe that would be enough for most bands.  Yet this song then adds synthesizer-driven diversions into dream pop that is juxtaposed by largely abrasive guitar tones.

The full scope of this song plays well to Christina Cone's voice.  It is well crafted tune with great individual performances.

Click Here to listen to Failure by Frances Cone.