For The Good Times - Colin Linden & Luther Dickinson

from the album Amour (2019)

You know that a song must be stellar when the list of artists who have recorded it include Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, and even Englebert Humperdink.  Such is the case with For The Good Times, a song written in 1968 by Kris Kristofferson and best remembered for Ray Price's classic rendition from 1970.

This slow-burning song is one of the saddest in country music, articulately recounting the end of a relationship with a sense of detached acceptance, longing, and love.  It stands as a testament to the songwriting brilliance of Kristofferson.

The latest version of this masterpiece comes from Canadian fingerpicker Colin Linden and Luther Dickinson, guitarist for The North Mississippi All-Stars.  The recording is precisely crafted, with classic tones that recall the records that Etta James recorded in Muscle Shoals.

But the highlight of this recording is the vocal performance by Ruby Ananfu.  This singer comes to Nashville from Ghana, bringing with her one of the truly amazing voices in music today.  Her vibrato has a waver in its texture that gives me chills.  She is timeless.

I recommend listening to this song on a quiet night, when you are wanting to bathe in the warmth of a heartbreaking song.

Click Here to listen to For The Good Times by Colin Linden & Luther Dickinson.