MAH - The Chemical Brothers

from the single MAH (2019)

MAH is the latest single by big beat electronic pioneers The Chemical Brothers.  The song is everything you should expect to hear playing when your next rave is at full throttle.  Hard, grinding, machine works.  A gigantic bounce to the beat.  An arrangement that optimizes both expansion and compression.

The title is an acronym for Mad As Hell, that iconic line from the 1976 film Network, when a crazed Peter Finch proclaims, "I'm mad as hell, and I am not going to take it any more."

This song resonates with me, as I imagine it resonates with thousands of others, both for the music and the message.  We all seem to be carrying around a bit of anger these days.  So, what are you angry about?

Ageism has me angry.  It starts all of the middle aged people I know who can't seem to find employment in a bustling economy because they are "over qualified."  As if that is a bad thing?  "I am sorry Mr Turntable, we would like to offer you one of our vacant positions, but we are concerned that you will bring extreme value to our organization."  What a bunch of horse shit!

I am also angry at the cable TV networks that cater to the elderly, like Fox News and The Weather Channel.  These companies allow for endless advertising that stokes fear in their viewers, using celebrity spokespeople - like Tom Selleck - to leverage trust in an attempt to fleece old folks of their money.  The people who run these companies are swine and maggots.

Lastly, I am mad at the attitude of technology companies towards the aging.

When I was a student in engineering school, our design courses spoke to the need of designers to include everybody in their solutions, including the young, the old, and the physically impaired.  After graduation, I worked for a company making MRI scanners.  Engineers would huddle in rooms and machine shops trying to develop solutions that would make the experience of medical imaging less stressful and more comforting; after all, many of these proper are frightened for their lives.  I can say that the engineers I worked with genuinely cared about the welfare of the patient.

Soon afterwards, I was working as an engineer for AT&T.  Here, countless millions of dollars were spent on products for the aging and infirmed, making certain that they would be able to leverage the technology in a way that was beneficial and inclusive.

Fast forward towards today, and the technology world has discarded these constituencies.  My mother cannot watch Netflix because the latest AppleTV remote is not intuitive for a person her age.  Smart phones are also out of reach.  Yet these massively profitable companies seem (to me) not to care.  Their concern is with a younger generation of consumers who will use their products for decades to come, not with wasting development resources on those who will only be alive for another decade, or less.

Some may call it good business, but I consider it immoral.

I am mad as hell...

Click Here to watch a video for MAH by The Chemical Brothers.


  1. Mad as Hell is a low key response to the condition of the world. Love for ones fellow human, that is a foregone phrase. That and respect for those older than one’s self. Its gone too.

    But the dance of wanting quality, and experience but not really, that is the real upsetting nature of the beast in today’s world. Outcast are those with experience and in with the new, because they are just cheaper - but not faster or really any better, because they just don’t have the necessary experience.

    Then too that tendency to rule the day with fear-mongering using trusted personality to bilk and pillage, I agree that is truly immoral. The devil is in the dollars, or is it just the love of them…

    The world is being handed off in a pivot that has not happened in some while, as the sages are not being used to transfer any knowledge to the next generation, and those new reign holders are going to experience a more forceful steed than they have expected, and the result will be a complete lack of control that a quixotic quip as “I got this” is not going to be sufficient.

    Like the 40 Watt Gigolo, I too feel for the world at large, and Mad as Hell is the pivot to boiling mad with a determination to raise a ruckus about what is brutally obvious and yet blithely allowed to continue as the norm.


    1. Thanks Jaba B.

      We are living through a transition to maybe the seventh(?) age of recorded history. Last time was the coming of the Industrial Age in the latter 1800s. It was disruptive as hell. A few moguls made fortunes while millions of families suffered.

      As we transition into the Information Age, it seems like countless more will suffer and be left behind. Between globalization and a 5x increase in the world's population, how can't it?

      Call it the price of progress.

      For me, I've decided that it is time to get off the technology train, take better care of the people I love, and try to create something beautiful.

      Adios motherfuckers !!!

    2. Like the “Savages” sing about, “don’t let the Fuckers get you down!” So maybe there is a way to redirect the focus of technology from the dumb down the user into where the founders of the Internet would have wanted it to be as a way to take on the dire conditions, and to improve humanity without letting it just become a greater divide between the haves and the have nots.

      Jaba B


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