Motor City Steel - The Dandy Warhols

from the album Why You So Crazy (2019)

Oh my Lord, you could drive a Ford
Or you could drive a Chevy
Or a Jimmie if you really like
A mountain of fun, the USA 1
A Motor City Steel
You gotta give the power to the people

In the nineteen fifties, the American automobile experienced it's golden age, as a nation celebrated it's first economic boom in nearly three decades.  President Eisenhower built the Interstate Freeway system, young families left their dense urban confines for homes in the suburbs, and the lure of the open road represented endless possibility.

The automobiles of that era were colorful and boldly designed.  They were sculpture on wheels.  Still the car represented something far more inviting.  It represented freedom and fun.

And, of course, the same could be said for the latest musical style, rock and roll.

The infectious song Motor City Steel by The Dandy Warhols encapsulates that sense of freedom, fun, and rock and roll perhaps better than any song I've heard in years.  Best yet, they are singing about the cars that made Detroit famous.

I first heard this song performed live by the band last year.  It left me bouncing around the crowded club as though it were the final rapture.

When I look around today, and ask, "what in my world truly evokes freedom and fun;" rock and roll songs like this seem like a pretty solid choice.

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