Old Engine Oil - The Budos Band

from the album V (2019)

My buddy Joe lives in Brooklyn.  A few years ago, we were sharing cocktails and talking music, when he said, "Well, this is all great, but the best band in the world are The Budos Band.  You probably never heard of them."

Quite the contrary, buddy Joe!  I am the biggest Daptone Records fan this side of the Outer Bridge Crossing.  I was Up From The South before The Budos Band were a twinkle in your mama's eye.  Never, ever, hit this gigolo with any of that "you probably never heard of them" crap!

But, before you get too down on buddy Joe, please know that he is right.  The Budos Band are the best band in the world.  The reason that they are not more popular is that their brand of funky, soulful Afrobeat ain't nowhere near the stuff your Shazam algorithm is programmed to find.

Old Engine Oil is a pre-release from The Budos Band's fifth studio album.  It is mind-bogglingly great.  Listen to the crunchy, distortion in the guitar tone.  Listen to those muscular horns.  Listen to the drumming.

What band sounds like this?

Click Here to listen to Old Engine Oil by The Budos Band.

Click Here to read my September 2012 blog post for Black Venom by The Budos Band.


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