Prayer For Another Day - Cass McCombs

from the album Tip Of The Sphere (2019)

On the song Prayer For Another Day, Cass McCombs infuses a 70s California dream vibe with modern swagger to create an acoustidellic swirl of hazy beauty.

The opening fifty seconds of this song are as magical as an introduction can get.  The opening guitar chords offer flashbacks to a vibe recalling bands like Firefall, yet just before you get hooked in, higher volume, higher fidelity tracks sharply punch through the mix, firmly nudging the listener into the present.

Of these instrumental tracks, the bass really stands out.  There is a hollowness to the tone that contrasts with the bright bounce of the groove to create a softer, more melancholy underpinning that takes the listener to a foreign, more psychedelic place.  The bass patterns offer runs that play off the color of the guitar chords magnificently.  The voicing on each note approaches perfection.

The lyrics then enter, offering a dreamscape where the singer imagines a future day as splendid as one once spent in a strange city, on a silent and rainy day, in bed with a love.  The silent city juxtaposes the desert highway vibe, as the instruments shift between the 70s and today.  The mention of magic mirrors only adds to the psychedelic-ness of it all.

This is a brilliant record.

Click Here to listen to Prayer For Another Day by Cass McCombs.

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