Psychedelic Country Soul - The Long Ryders

from the album Psychedelic Country Soul (2019)

Friday mornings are always an exciting time at Casa del Gigolo.  These are the mornings when I open my computer to find all new music releases for the week.  I never quite know what is going to catch my eye and strike my fancy.

This morning, I woke a little hazy from too much wine at one of my funky friend's dinner party.  Booting up, I was immediately drawn to a new album by The Long Ryders.  Once upon a time, when I was devouring records by Paisley Underground bands, The Long Ryders were my favorite band of the lot.  I did not see this record coming and my heart began to flutter with delight.

Better yet, the name of the album was Psychedelic Country Soul.  I could not think of three better words to describe place my musical happy space thee days.  I listened to the entire record, delighting in the familiar tones, grooves, and melodies.  But it was not until I hit the final track - the title track - that the stars aligned and the angels began to sing.

Psychedelic Country Soul is a six-minute dance in the rain.

Ooh, psychedelic country soul
Yeah, where the river starts to flow
Ooh, psychedelic country soul
Ooh, let me see your garden grow

The balance in this song, this band, is mesmerizing.  The song is underpinned by a straight rock beat that propels the country strums  and tones.  The psychedelic treatment is very light, but ever present in the harmonies and the tasty lead guitar sniglets.  The soul isn't an in-your-face James Brown kind of soul, but rather a subtle and soulful, alternative groove that might remind you of The Bangles, or such.

It is a satisfying vibe that takes this listener to the perfect musical destination for a morning like this.

Click Here to listen to a preview of Psychedelic Country Soul by The Long Ryders on Apple Preview.