Sequence One - TOY

from the album Happy In The Hollow (2019)

Last year, I began playing bass for a band that plays original tunes with a 90s-centric, alternative vibe.  As good fortune would have it, I am also one of the group's principle songwriters.

The odd thing is that for all of the alternative music that I consumed in the 90s, I never played or composed in the genre before.  You see, back in those days, I was busy playing bass in early Americana bands, where Gram Parsons trumped Nirvana every time.

So, for me, this is all like learning to read, write, and think in a new language.

As a result, I find myself devouring new music by alternative bands; studying the sounds and songs and digesting them into my own musical framework.

The new TOY album - Happy In The Hollow - is a feast for a fellow like me.  There is a sensibility to their music that I find delicious.

My favorite track on the album is Sequence One.  The reason is simple: I dig Maxim Barron's bass performance.

Listen to the bouncing eighth-notes of the opening verse.  They are beautiful, simple, and melodic.  Listen to the octaves and variations that enter and withdraw through the balance of the song.  Listen to the tone.  It is heaven.

Sometimes, a single musician can really make a song resonate for me.  Thanks, Maxim!  I dig the way you play the bass.

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