Sit Here And Love Me - Caroline Spence

from the album Mint Condition (2019)

Shrewd artists have learned that it is best not to tackle the enormity of love, but rather to focus on the depths of one, or two, of its many aspects.  In doing so, they need not rhyme "love" with "above" or subject their audience to hackneyed metaphors.  Instead, they can explore nuance and depth, unearthing truths about the human condition along the way.

Such is the case with Sit Here And Love Me, a beautiful acoustic song from Nashville-based tunesmith, Caroline Spence.

The song is reportedly (per a press release from her record label) written for a new boyfriend - one with a very sunny and positive disposition - letting him know of her struggles with depression and anxiety.  In the song, she urges him not to try and help her, but rather to simply be there and be himself; to just sit here and love me.

Ultimately, the song is about a very quiet aspect of love, of just being there for someone else.

If you are unfamiliar with Caroline Spence, I invite you to check out her musical catalogue.  Her music is honest and human, connecting with the listener in a most meaningful way.

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