Snake Hip Waltz - The Branford Marsalis Quartet

from the album The Secret Between The Shadow And The Soul (2019)

In some ways, I am quite comfortable with jazz music not being as "popular" as many other musical genres.  After all, jazz is - in my opinion - the most important of all musical genres.  As such, I feel that it is for the best that it not be subject to intense commercial and mass market pressures.

This allows jazz to explore and innovate.  It allows jazz to focus on substance over style, producing records of unsurpassed quality and dimension.  It also allows jazz to celebrate its heritage through perpetual reimagining of outstanding musical compositions, creating an enduring legacy and vocabulary for future music lovers.

The Branford Marsalis Quartet - with Branford Marsalis on saxophone, Joey Calderazzo in piano, Eric Reeves on bass, and Justin Faulkner on drums - celebrate the past on their forthcoming album with a mellifluous and truthful version of the Snake Hip Waltz, a 1975 work by pianist Andrew Hill's quartet.

Andrew Hill is not a hip household name that some of his contemporaries have become.  Much of this is due to that - when in his prime - he chose not to play and record much as a sideman with the most popular artists.  Instead, he tended to perform his own compositions before more modest audiences.

That speaks to his commitment to creating his own art, to following his own path, and tell his own story.  I have endless admiration for this sense of purpose.

How important is it that world-class artists, like Branford Marsalis and his quartet, take the time to share the spotlight with homages to men like Andrew Hill?  Very.  Hats of to The Branford Marsalis Quartet for sharing a magnificent rendition of Snake Hip Waltz with us.

Click Here to listen to The Branford Marsalis Quartet perform Snake Hip Waltz.

Click Here to listen to the original version of Snake Hip Waltz by The Andrew Hill Quartet.

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