Stranger - Jess Ribeiro

from the single Stranger (2019)

Jess Ribeiro is the latest in a ever-lengthening line of Australian female artists that I totally dig.

Her latest single, titled Stranger, has been at the top of my new music playlist for the past week.  It is straight-forward, alternative songwriter fare that has an intangible quality that I can't seem to get out of my head.  Perhaps it is the way the bouncing bass groove fits so easily with the incredible snare drum track?  Or, maybe it is the tone of the tasty lead guitar segments?  Or, could it be the combination of confidence and restraint in Jess Ribeiro's vocal delivery?

Truth is, I am not certain what it is about this song that has got me feeling twitterpated.  But who cares?  I am grooving out to something fresh.

Click Here to watch the official music video for Stranger by Jess Ribeiro.