The Pain Of Loving You - Lula Wiles

from the album What Will We Do (2019)

One of the hackneyed classifications spilled about to describe a young crop of folk acts is "folk revivalists."  Taken literally, it conjures the image of hillbilly medics taking the paddles to the chest of Pete Seeger and The Carter Family.

And that is the disagreeable thing of it all.  It implies that folk music is a dying art form, which is really the furthest thing from the truth.  If you take a good look around, you will see folk music flourishing around the world.

Lula Wiles are a trio of ladies who met at the Berklee College of Music.  They began singing and playing music together, ultimately becoming darlings of Boston's music scene.  I find their music to represent a modernization of the traditional folk form.  The instruments and arrangements are familiar; yet, there is something intangibly alive in the performance and production that grabs the listener in a way that old records do not.

Take a listen to The Pain Of Loving You, a cover of the Dolly Parton/Porter Wagoner classic off of their newly released, sophomore album.  Listen to the brightness in the drumbeat.  Listen to the slight uplift in the tuba-styled bass line, as the notes bend upward compared to the descending thud of older records.  Listen to the modern cut of the guitar production.  It all adds a bounce that lifts the record, making it feel alive.

Now listen to the beauty of the three-part harmonies.  There is something in the centuries-old Irish and Scottish melody lines that stirs something deeply ancestral.  Long before there were records, there were people making music.

Thank you to Lula Wiles for reminding us of just how alive folk music remains.

Click Here to listen to The Pain Of Loving You by Lula Wiles.